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    Just want to give a thumps up to a couple of items I recently purchased that have resolved a few wireless connection problems I have been having with my main home office PC. Will explain the problem in case anyone else with similar issues finds it useful. So basically I have recently switched from BT Infinity to Virgin Media with there 200Mbps full package, switch over went very smoothly everything else wirelss in the house took to the new Virgin Router Without any issue, except for my main PC in my home office which is as far away as possible from one corner of the house to the other as can be within my house, but still when with BT I never had any connection issues, so fair to assume BT where providing a better Wireless Router that Virgin. I was running an only basic “N” standard Wirelss PCIe card in my PC, so that was the first hardware I targeted for an upgrade, went with the Follow new Network card with new standard of AC1900 ‘
    Please Help.
    Thanks !
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