Kezdőlap Fórumok DOBVERŐK Stick vibration a problem

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    Hi everybody,

    After dealing to some degree with the physical limitations that had stopped me from drumming a few years ago, i may be back. the thing is, i’m getting so much stick vibration that my palms and fingers are having some numbness and stinging, and i’ve only been back to playing for a few days. i have a nice loose, relaxed grip, currently playing with 5A sticks with barrel shaped tips. don’t have mesh to play in the house, but will be picking up at least one pintech mesh pad this weekend.i see sticks that supposedly lower vibration, that various woods and materials transfer less vibration to the hands, stick wraps, gloves, etc, as well as different shaped tips, rubber tip covers and so on, and i can research these things all day long, but most people say each thing works and some will say they don’t, so i’m wondering what people on this board have experienced when attempting to minimize stick vibration to their hands.

    Please somebody advice

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